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Essa Zahir

About Essa

Essa Zahir was born in Iran in 1967. He immigrated to England in 1979, never returning to his place of birth. He studied art at Heatherly's School Of Fine Art 1985-6, before pursuing a career as an actor (Visit IMDb.com, Wikipedia and google search). He has also self published literary works on the net, including "The Cosmological Warrior" in 2000 under the pseudo name of 'Susan Smith'. The ebook devoted to spiritual themes and explored through art, poetry and story-telling was partially republished in 2014 as a free download on Lulu.com and under his own name. And in 2015 he self published "The Abandoned Warrior" a 30-page pictorial free download on Lulu.com to compliment the art associated with the works he abandoned in 2000.

Essa returned to art after a thirteen year gap in late 2013. He held his first ever formal art exhibition at the New Artist Fair Summer exhibition in 2014 and then again in March 2015. He has also exhibited with Le Dame Art Gallery. His new works are inspired by nature & wildlife. He describes his approach or style as "illustrative & impressionist" rather than a 'wildlife artists' or 'landscape artist'.

Essa is not planning any further exhibitions at the present time.

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